The process of making retort-pouch curry

Retort-pouch curry (pre-cooked curry) stands next to instant curry mix as a very popular product.Prepared with meat, vegetables, and other ingredients simmered in a curry sauce, this product has caught on because it makes it “easy to eat curry simply by warming the pouch.”Product types and quantities are increasing all the time.

The process of making retort-pouch curry

Manufacturing the soup: Meat (beef, chicken, etc.) is boiled and the soup removed. The meat is used as an ingredient in the curry sauce.

Manufacturing the curry sauce: The sauce is made by adding instant curry mix (made with curry powder, flour, oils, and seasonings) to the soup.

Measuring and filling: Vegetables are boiled and then added to the meat and curry sauce. The mixture is then filled into bags.

Deaeration and tight sealing: Air is removed from the bags, which are then immediately sealed.

Pressurisation and cooling: After the bags are packed, they undergo sterilisation in a retort vat (pressurising and heat-sterilisation device) so that they may be stored for a long period of time. Then they are cooled. After the surfaces of the bags are dried, they are packaged to complete the process. In addition to retort-pouch curry, canned curry is manufactured using a similar process.

Bringing curry powder to your table

Curry powder is completed through these many processes. The familiar “red can” design has changed little since the product first went on sale in 1950. Perhaps you have a can in your home. We invite you to try using red-can curry powder in a variety of curry dishes.