The features of S&B curry

More than 30 kinds of spices are used

The distinctive feature of our curry is that so many spices are used. “Golden curry sauce mix”, which is one of our main products, contains as many as 35 different kinds of spices!
By what percentage are these spices blended? How can it be done? Here, we use the technology, research and expertise we have developed as Japan’s top manufacturer of spices.

How are our spices ground to powder?

Our grinding method, called the “Stamp mill method,” consists of grinding spices into powder, taking enough time in order not to lose the aroma of the spices, like grinding with a mortar and pestle.

Roasting and aging method

We roast and age the spices instead of using them raw. Curry’s distinctive aroma is enhanced by roasting. The aroma of each spice gets milder by roasting and the mild, aromatic and sophisticated curry powder is created.