S&B Wasabi

After producing western mustard in a tube in 1970, S&B developed Wasabi paste in a tube – the first product of its kind to be launched onto the Japanese market – in 1972.

At that time, consumer demand had shifted towards convenience foods, such as instant noodles, instant coffee, and retort curry. In response to this, S&B developed a full range of condiments (mustard, Wasabi, ginger and garlic) in paste form so that they could be put into tubes for convenience. Since then, thanks to the large amount of research we have carried out to improve our products, we now have the top share in the retail market in Japan as well as the top share of the worldwide Wasabi market.

Why does it have to be S&B Wasabi?

S&B closely controls the whole lifecycle of Wasabi from seedling to finished product so that product traceability can be ensured:

We select the best areas in the world for growing and processing Wasabi.

We collect all kinds of Wasabi from all over Japan and develop the best, most fragrant and most suitable for mass production on our farm.

We supply seedlings to Vietnam, where we mass-produce and semi-process them to import into Japan.


S&B focuses on authenticity, and aims to produce Wasabi products that are as close to freshly grated Japanese Wasabi as possible. Our products have progressed from ‘paste’ to a ”Ęgrated texture’, and even have the fresh taste of Wasabi. For the Japanese market, we have developed Wasabi products free of colourings and additives and we keep working on new improvements, such as better taste and better colour, etc. In recent years, we have improved the design of the tubes, which are now easier to squeeze, and of the caps, making them easier to open and close.