What is the Dragon Tiger? Let’s get to know each other.

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Dragon Tiger cards are cards that are played very similar to Baccarat. The difference is that Baccarat cards can be placed in a wider variety of bets. And can choose 3 cards, but in the Dragon Tiger card can not choose more cards and there is only one card Then place your bets. But the Dragon Tiger card has the advantage that the game ends quickly and has its own excitement. It has been very popular, not equal to baccarat as well.

Rules for playing Dragon Tiger

  1. In placing bets, we can choose from 3 types: Tie, Tiger wins, Dragon wins.
  2. In each multiplier game there are 20-25 seconds to bet before the dealer closes the bet and shows the card.
  3. The scores of each card are not equal. K=13,Q=12,J=11,A=1. The other cards are charged according to the face of the card.
  4. Determining the win or loss of the Dragon Tiger card, we will decide the win and loss of only one card. to know which side is the winner
  5. Always deducted will lose 50 percent of the bet per side only, for example, bet 100 baht will lose 50 baht bet, get 50 baht back.

Dragon Tiger Payout Rate

  • Predict that the dragon side will win, pays 1:1
  • Predict whether the Tiger side will win, pays 1:1
  • If both tiger and dragon scores are equal, pays 1:8.

Pattern of playing cards Tiger and Dragon

There are 3 types of Tiger and Dragon playing cards, namely, Tie, Predict whether the Tiger will win. Who said the dragon wins? Then, each style has a different play about betting as follows.

  1. It is a prediction that can be considered very risky and very difficult. Therefore, the stake or payout rate is high accordingly. If you guess correctly, you will receive up to 8 times the prize money.
  2. Betting on Dragon or Red The dragon side is the side that gets the cards first. And is the side that has to show the cards first as well. The payout ratio is 1:1.
  3. Betting on Tiger or Blue The tiger will be the side that gets the cards on the back. And show the cards later, allowing the tiger’s side to know the score of the dragon side first. The payout ratio is 1:1.

 How to play Dragon Tiger

  1. When the game is opened. Gamblers have the opportunity to bet on which side will win. The result is always
  2. Dealer dealt cards 1 dragon to 1 tiger.
  3. When playing cards the dealer will count the points, if one side has more points than that side will win the bet.
  4. There will be no more cards being called like Baccarat. That will ask to add a 2nd or 3rd card.

Advantages of Dragon Tiger

  1. Big and fair payout rewards
  2. It’s an easy game to understand.
  3. has a fast play Suitable for people who like to play games that know the result of losing and winning quickly without wasting time.

Disadvantages of the Dragon Tiger

  1. It’s quite risky because it’s a fast-paced game. may make money fast
  2. There is only one small card to win. Can’t call more cards, may not be suitable for people who like to win long cards.
  3. Too few game options Because there are only three options to choose from UFABET.

Techniques for playing cards Tiger and Dragon to get money for sure

  1. There are not many techniques in playing Tiger Dragon. Many players choose to repeatedly bet based on their last winning result in hopes that it will reappear. Just like playing blackjack we can request to change the table to reduce the withdrawal risk.
  2. Odd number betting. It is already known that a deck of cards has 52 cards in total. 28 odd numbers and 24 even numbers. Players can use card counting techniques to help. It will start from the first turn of the game. Then slowly remember how many even numbers have been released. And after playing 20 eyes. If the even cards out more than 10 odd cards in the next turn can bet to play odd.
  3. Stab out alternately, if it is a baccarat game. It is called a table tennis technique. Because it is waiting for the result to have a loser win alternately Tiger / Dragon Dragon / Tiger is like this and so on. The next turn is that you can bet because we have already seen the formula of the switch.
  4. Waiting for the big card From the mathematical statistics 1 deck. Of cards has a total of 36 small numbers and 16 large numbers. When compared, the ratio is 2.3:1, so we can count the small cards which are 1 to 9. If at any time 5 small cards are drawn in a row. Because of we should choose to bet on the side that has 5 small cards drawn in a row.