What are Slavic cards? A fun game that everyone wants to play.

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There are many card games. But this time we will talk about that is Slavic cardswhere we will take friends to see what Slavic cards are, rules and methods of playing, how are they? Although this Slavic card is A fun card game that seems easy to play. But there are techniques that are required to play a lot as well. Are you starting to get interested? Not only Slavic cards, we also have card decks, baccarat cards, bounce nines for you to study playing techniques.

What are Slavic cards?

Slave (Slave: Slave or as Thai people call Slav) is a card game that will use at least 3 players and at most 8 people, but the most popular to play is 4 and 6 people. By the way All players in this game must try to discard all cards from their hand as quickly as possible. They take turns placing cards in the middle of the circle with each card placed. must always be higher than the cards in the pot If there are no higher cards in the pile Lets start over with the person who placed the last one as the starter. The person who can discard all cards first will be the King (King), and the last person will be the Slav (Slave).

The origin of the Slavic cards

The origin of the Slavic cards is unclear. But it is said that Slavic cards originated in China in 1970 and later in the year. 1980 has become a popular playing card in Japan. And there have been many more rules and methods of playing. It is believed that Slavic card game is the birthplace of the very popular President Ashole Arshole in the West . When a war breaks out, the winner becomes a King, the loser is a slave, and each card is like a soldier. Playing is like going to war. Use the planning to fight to be the king. Might look a bit harsh But this card game is fun in that it’s planning a war with each other. We quite like it because those who seem to win. If you miss a single step Because this game can be flipped at any time.

basic rules

For the rules of Slavic cards, we will explain in the main part of playing because the rules of playing other forms will be added again, but that website will determine in the part of the main rules of play, although it is not difficult. But you should know because if you don’t know your friend may be able to run the game wrong As I said before, the game has a win-win twist at any time. The main rules of the game are as follows.

Card score

The score sequence or points of the cards in the game are divided into 2 parts that must be viewed together, namely the points of the face of the cards, but the flowers of the cards, which are calculated as follows:

  1. The card’s points are ranked from the lowest to the highest.
  • 3 is the lowest point (Players who get 3 clubs will start playing first)
  • The sequence of other card scores is like this: 4 less than 5 less than 6….J less than Q less than K less than A.
  • 2 is the highest score
  • Three or four cards are the biggest cards in the round (depending on whether the hand is played odd or even).
  1. The flowers of the cards are arranged from smallest to largest, which are
  • club
  • diamond rice
  • Red hearts or hearts
  • spades

Playing cards

The playing of cards in the Slavic card game is divided into 2 types, which are pair and odd cards. We will not be able to play odd cards. And what kind of cards will be played will depend on the first person in that round that is the person who determines the playing of cards has the following format:

  • Single card is playing a single card. The next player must deal a higher single card. or three cards are dealt in pairs or not four cards
  • A pair of cards is playing two cards of the same rank. The next player must deal a second pair of cards or 4 cards. Single or triple cards cannot be played.
  • Three cards are three cards of the same number. When someone plays a card The next player must land only the higher one. If not, start a new round.
  • Four cards are four cards of the same number. Once 4 cards have been dealt, the next player must deal 4 higher cards, if not, start a new round.

How to play

The purpose of this Slavic card game is First to discard all cards in hand only to win The winner will be the King. And those who run out, the last one to lose, are called Slavs. For example, four people

  1. 1 deck of cards distributed to everyone equally. Each will get 13 tickets each.
  2. The person who will play the first card is the person who has 3 clubs in their hand and must place the 3 clubs in the middle.
  3. The direction will circle clockwise. or anti-clockwise
  4. Players must always place cards that have a higher value than the cards in the pot.
  5.  A player who does not have a card to land must pass and will not play again in that round.
  6. If no player places a higher card than the pot, then the round is over. To remove the pile of cards from the game. and the last player who got down will get down first. and play this game until the cards are out of the hands of all players
  7. The player who puts out all his cards before becomes the King. It runs out of the first one will be a queen. The player who runs out of the last runner-up is called the vice-slav. And the last is called Slavic. If you interested membership with us UFABET