Vieira satisfied with Crystal Palace’s performance

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Crystal Palace’s France manager Patrick Vieira has been delighted with Crystal Palace’s performance in the 2021/22 season. It will be Patrick Vieira’s first season in charge of Crystal Palace.

After many years working with Roy Hodgson. Crystal Palace finally chose to part with Roy Hodgson to pave the way for a new manager. Patrick Vieira as manager. Crystal Palace’s team, with the arrival of Patrick Vieira. Immediately helped Crystal Palace into a formidable team. Although at the moment they are only a mid-table team. But Crystal Palace should. Definitely upgraded to more than this.

In which Patrick Vieira is satisfied with the performance of Crystal Palace in the 2021/22 season. Plus it is the first season that Patrick Vieira took over Crystal Palace. Patrick Vieira said. Since the day When I first took over as manager. I immediately felt that Crystal Palace were the right team for the way. I wanted to plus Crystal Palace’s football foundation was very strong. Whether it was the club’s president. Crystal Palace fans.

Or going to be a very experienced sporting director has also played at a high level. We all exchange ideas about bringing players to the UFABET team. Which we Can draw players want to join the team successfully. This season is a very successful season for Crystal Palace, “Crystal Palace has fought the FA Cup to win the championship by having to face it. Everton in the quarter-finals