Traore is proud to work with Gerard.

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Aston Villa’s Bukina Faso right-wing Bertrand Traore is proud to work with Steven Gerard at Aston Villa and admits to being a Steven Gerard fan. When he was still playing at Liverpool

With a great performance with Olympique Lyonnais. Aston Villa decided to immediately bring Bertrand Traore to the UFABET team for only 15 million pounds. Which Bertrand Traore’s arrival should be raised. Aston Villa’s offensive level has definitely risen. Because of previous experience in the English Premier League. Bertrand Traore’s performance in the first season that moved here was considered satisfactory. It secured the starting line-up of Aston Villa as well

Unfortunately, Bertrand Traore has been reduced to a role as a substitute in the 2021/22 season. Aston Villa’s performance has been so disappointing. Bertrand Traore is proud to work with Steven Gerard and admits to being a fan. Steven Gerard’s when he was still at Liverpool

I’ve seen Steven Gerrard as a kid and he’s one of those great players. What it’s like to be working with such a legendary player as Steven Gerard has been. Very special with a lot of experience and Steven Gerard is also a very successful player and Steven Gerard’s advice is very useful for me.

On his return to home, Adama also wanted to thanks all those who had made it possible and referred to a possible debut against Atlético Madrid at the weekend: “I have been away for seven years, I will do all I can to make the Barça fans happy with me. I am happy to be back home and I hope to demonstrate my talents on Sunday.” 

The winger confirmed that he has followed Barça closely since leaving for the Premier League and also the changes that have come about in the last six years: “I have changed physically, I have gained experience but I have never lost that Barça essence. If the Adama today is the same as yesterday, that is a lost day. Getting better every day is really important to me.”