The history of PokDeng

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It can be said that it is a popular card game in Thailand. Friends with a card game called Pok Deng . It is a card game that has the easiest way to bet. The concept of using basic math skills Just look at how to play Pok Deng 1-2 times so that you can understand how to play. All bets are fine.

The history of poker bounce

There are no clear sources about poker decks. But most of the information indicates that. It is a very popular gambling game in Asia. Including how to call the special effects of the card results in each format that is quite straight. Such as Pok Eight Pok Nine Two Deng etc.

These words are considered words in Thai that everyone understands very well. Because many references are often transliterated with basic Thai vocabulary as a model. Such as Pok Goa  Pok Pad  Song Deng .

Therefore, we may conclude that the origin of PokDeng is actually its origin may even begin in Thailand. There are also nine-point card games that are played abroad or 21 – point blackjack card games. Including baccarat card games that may have a method of playing consistent or similar to Pokdeng. Therefore causing the origin of the bounce. This is possible in many ways.

The value of the cards in the game of Pokdeng

The value of the poker face will be based on the points that appear on the face of the cards. So the results of the cards in this manner are quite easy to understand as follows

  • 10 , J , Q , K are equal to 0 .
  • A is equal to 1 .
  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are equal to the points that appear on the face of the card.

We also need to understand how the cards are sorted, the size of the cards, which is how to measure when the totals are equal.

How to measure the result of losing, winning, Pokdeng

The method of measuring the winning and losing results is based on the following form of arrangement of cards from largest to smallest:

  1. 1In the case of measuring results, the score Pok 9 (2 bounces) is more than Pok 9 is more than Pok 8 (2 bounces) is more than Pok 8.
  2. 2In the event that the points of the cards are the same, they will be sorted in size as follows: Tong is greater than State Flat more Sorted more Yellow than Points
  3. 3In the case of Tong , cards must be measured in order of points as follows: K Over Q Over J Over 10 Over 6 Over 5 Over A
  4. 4In the case of sorting or state cards   The flower measurement method is used as follows: Spade is more than Heart, more than Diamond, more than UFABET Club.