Shocking deal! Barca are set to sign a former Saints player to join the army this summer.

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Barcelona, ​​the Spanish La Liga champions, prepares to make a surprise. By grabbing a former Southampton player to join the team this summer

   Barcelona are closing in on a surprise deal to sign a former player. Southampton as Oriol Romeu from Girona , according to the famous Spanish media Sport, reports that Barca are close to reaching a surprise agreement to sign Romeu. The Spanish champions have made considerable progress in negotiations over the player see him as a potential replacement for Sergio Busquets who are on the verge of leaving.

Oriol Romeu

          On the side of Pere Guardiola, president of the Girona club admits. He does not plan to release Romeu Midfielder of the team this summer. But revealed he is scheduled to meet Barcelona in the coming days. Chao Boonthum Army Two new midfielders are needed this ufabet summer. With the departure of Busquets and former La Masia youngster Romeu listed as a serious target. The 31-year-old had a release clause of just under €10m in the Girona contract he signed last summer. Making him a possible target for Barcelona

          Barcelona president Joan Laporta just made the fans Girona was furious in an interview with L’Esportiu: “If we sign a player from Girona. Same as Barça Helping Corona any purchase action that we operate with Girona or allow them to loan players. I think we’re helping Girona. I look at it that way,” prompting Girona’s Guardiola to respond that Laporta should rethink his approach. If they really want ‘assistance’.

          “If Barça wants to help us They won’t sign Oriol from us,” said Guardiola. “It’s true. We are planning the season with him here. ” 17-18 days ago we spoke with Mateu (Barcelona sporting director Alemani) to find out what the situation is and two days ago we met soon. “We said from day one that we were planning the season with him . He is very important to us. Our position is clear. There are no problems at this time. We’ll wait and see how we move. Oriole has a contract with us. We planned everything with him. And from the beginning. We didn’t consider anything other than Oriole being here.”

 Relations between the two Catalan clubs have been rocked since Girona’s return to La Liga. Last summer, Barca were seen by many as a difficult team to work with as Girona attempted to sign Abde Azzurli, Mika Marmal and Alex Collado.

          “My personal opinion is Barca had no interest in helping other clubs in Catalan and at that time they had a policy not to give us players,” he explained. “We needed players because of our poor economic situation. And only Espanyol in Catalonia helped us. We spoke to Joan Goyet, president of
Espanyol at the time. And he loaned players to us at a good price. With Barca it was impossible. And what’s worse is They gave players to another team in our league instead of us ′′ What happened is Barça is like a vacuum cleaner. and was never interested in the growth of other teams.”