Rumored lineman rejects ‘Robbo’ elbow, insists it has happened

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Konstantin Hatsidakis, assistant referee I don’t want to talk about the incident that elbowed Andrew Robertson, the Liverpool defender. Because it has already happened. Now it’s just waiting for the refereeing body and the FA to finish their investigation.

The Daily Mail, the elite media reported that Konstantin Hatzidakis. The scandalous lineman Refused to talk about the UFABET reason for going to elbow Andrew Robertson, the Liverpool defensive line at the end of the first half in the Premier League game. Where the Reds opened the nest to a fun 2- Arsenal draw. 2 on Sunday, April 9th, confirming that all events have already happened and he does not want to talk about it again.

Rumored lineman rejects 'Robbo' elbow, insists it has happened

The 38-year-old assistant referee was famous overnight. When there is a picture of an event showing inappropriate behavior Scottish left-back. Until being awarded by the Professional Referee Association of England or PGMOL Temporarily suspend work until the investigation from English Football Association or FA will be completed. Which is expected. If found guilty May be banned for a long time from doing the job.

Recently, the scandalous assistant Bao He opened his mouth for the first time in an interview outside his house, stating, “What happened. it happened There’s nothing I can say right now. I can’t talk about what happened.” He then refused to talk about it any further. by waiting only for the results of the investigation to come out

However, the problem of referees in the Premier League Happened quite often lately. Especially the wrong function But there is no action like this. Recently, PGMOL admitted that there was an error in the game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Because the Brighton team deserved to receive a penalty during. The second half, when Spurs Pierre Emile Hoiberg intercepted Kaoru Mitoma, fell into the penalty area. But there was no blowing.

Causing Michael Salisbury, the VAR referee in the game that the Golden Spurs won 2-1, became the person responsible for watching slow images without care Therefore, the Pao agency was cut off from the selection of referees who will perform duties in this weekend’s Premier League game Even if it doesn’t blow into a penalty But still has to continue his duties by checking VAR in the game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Brentford on Saturday