Referee apologizes to Liverpool for VAR decision error

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England’s professional football refereeing body admits that the refereeing team made genuine errors in the Premier League game in which Spurs won at home against Liverpool 2-1.

Referee apologizes to Liverpool for VAR decision error

England’s Professional Football Refereeing Organization ( PGMOL) admits that both the mid-field refereeing team and the VAR slow-motion checking team made errors in the Premier League match in which Spurs won at home against Liverpool 2-1 on Saturday. It was found that Luis Diaz ‘s goal in fact must not have been offside.

The game between Liverpool and Spurs this time is full of details. The Reds were left with only 9 players after the red cards of Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota.

Liverpool should have taken the lead after Mohamed Salah’s pass sent Luis Diaz into the back of the net, but VAR ruled it was clearly offside. Spurs then took the lead through Son Heung-min before Cody Gakpo equalized and Joel Matip scored his own goal in injury time.

As for Diaz’s missed shot, the Premier League was caught saying there was no clear line drawn. And when you look at it with your eyes, you still see that Not an offside ball

Even after the game is over Referee organization Therefore, he issued a statement admitting that a mistake had occurred. “PGMOL Foresaw that there was human error It happened in the first half of the game between Spurs and Liverpool.”

“A goal from Luis Diaz was rejected by the referee as offside. It was clearly a mistake. And it must have been a goal that VAR deserved to intervene in. But VAR failed.”

“PGMOL will contact Liverpool immediately to admit their mistake.”

In this case, Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, stated that an apology from the referee organization There is no benefit at all. “How will them issue a statement now help? We saw this kind of thing in the Manchester United vs. Wolves game, where the Wolves didn’t get a point back. And today we didn’t get a point either. Therefore, the statement of the refereeing body does not help at all.”

“No one expects the referee to be 100 per cent correct, but we all think VAR will make it better. But I don’t know what’s going on in the VAR room. Are they under that much pressure?”

“Today they settled very quickly. And it changed the momentum of the ยูฟ่าเบท game. I saw the first slow picture and knew that Diaz was clearly not offside. You can easily see this with normal slow-motion viewing. But I’m pretty sure the referee didn’t intend the mistake.”

“What happened today is an impairment of another decision. I don’t want to see anyone lose their job. But hopefully the guys who made the mistake will take a break for a few games and then come back.”