Potter reveals his players should learn from their last defeat

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Brighton’s England manager Graham Potter has revealed his players should learn from their recent defeat against Liverpool to hope to improve.

Despite Brighton having a very good performance in the 2021/22 season. Despite being only a team at the bottom of the table and trying to escape relegation almost every year. Brighton has the opportunity to move up to the top of the UFABET table as well. If they continue to perform excellently. But unfortunately, Brighton never regained their good form and lost so often that Brighton are now out of the top spot in the Premier League. English is fine

And facing Liverpool was no easy task, although Brighton tried hard to get a point from Liverpool but ended up disappointingly losing and now dropping to 13th place. The score table is complete and there is no hope of moving up in the European Cup area as well, where Graham Potter hopes that all his players will learn from the last defeat to improve themselves. more

“We have a lot of young players in the squad who can reap the full experience of the competition and the recent defeat will help these players to be a lot stronger but we are disappointed with the result. The last match is the same and what we can do is to concentrate on the next match to get the win as quickly as possible.”