Osimhen recently opened up about his breakup with Napoli.

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Victor Osimhen, Napoli’s talented striker, issued a statement via social media. Later there was news of a breakup with the agency. With a matter that was not a matter before

Osimhen recently opened up about his breakup with Napoli.

Victor Osimhen, Napoli ‘s top striker, a target for many Premier League teams , issued a statement via social media. Confirming their relationship with Azzurra fans. Nothing has changed. The matter was later raised by the club’s social media handle. That may lead to lawsuits in the future.

Osimhen’s situation shows signs of an unexpected break with Napoli. When the team’s social media department tried to be funny, they posted a clip of Osimhen calling for the ball to shoot a penalty, but missed and missed the shot. Until the สมัคร ufabet team could only draw with Bologna 0-0 on Sept. 24 on the club’s TikTok account.

Although this clip was later deleted, it was interpreted by Osimhen’s side as a face-to-face and disrespectful mockery, until Roberto Galenda’s agent prepared to find a way to prosecute Napoli. Publication of this clip Until it brought news that teams interested in Osimhen, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs or Newcastle, have the right to fulfill their wishes when the next market opens.

Most recently, the Nigerian striker It did not clearly say whether he had resolved his problems with the agency or not. Revealed via Instagram that “Moving to Naples in 2020 was a great decision for me. The people in Naples have shown me love and kindness. Therefore, I will not allow anyone to tear us apart.”

“The passion of the Napoli fans lit a fire for me. Always in the heart and soul The love I have for this club badge It’s never changed. I wear the shirt of this club with pride.”

“The accusations against the people of Naples are not true I have many friends who are locals. And they have become part of my family and my daily life. I want to be forever grateful to them.”