Moyes admits West Ham’s goal is to finish in the top six.

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West Ham United’s Scottish manager David Moyes admits West Ham United’s main goal is to move into the top six for several years in a row.

West Ham United are normally just a team in the middle of the English Premier League table only. Previously almost fell into the relegation area. Despite the change of manager to David Moyes. But after West Ham United have performed excellently. They have been able to win Europa League tickets successfully until the 2021/22 season. West Ham United’s performance is still excellent. There is a chance to move up in the top four area as well.

Although unable to move up to the top four with very high competition. But West Ham United have a chance to grab a ticket to the European Cup next season anyway. David Moyes admits that the goal of West Ham United remain clear on finishing the season in the top six. David Moyes saying we have successfully crossed the threshold by winning Europa League qualifiers in last season.

“Of course, our goal was clear from the start, which is to move up to the top of the English Premier League table to win tickets to the European Cup continually, especially the UEFA Champions League. Completing the League has been great for us but at least getting to the Europa League has been a great experience and I hope we will continue to maintain good standards of play. many years look at UFABET