Mahrez wins title race with Liverpool

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Manchester City’s Algerian right-wing Riyad Mahrez admits competing for the title with Liverpool is fun and it’s fueled his thirst for victory.

Although Manchester City have been upgraded to a full-fledged title contender. But other teams have also been elevated as well. Especially a team that has always struggled for the title. Such as Liverpool and in the 2021/22 season it is again. The two teams have to compete for the championship. Which has an advantage over Manchester City. Because it is still ranked first in the table. It has a chance to win the English Premier League as well. Still collecting victories continuously

But just one mistake has a chance that Manchester City will be overtaken by Liverpool to be number 1 in the table immediately. Which Riyad Mahrez admits that competing for the championship with Liverpool is something fun plus. It is also a great motivator for all players in the UFABET team as well. Riyad Mahrez giving an interview saying. After winning successively, our confidence has increased very high to some extent. Not good. But we are always ready to make excuses.

And I have to admit that without Liverpool Chelsea Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur or Arsenal. It’s us who have won all the trophies every year. But Having the right opponents gives us a lot of fun for every race and also fuels our thirst for victory, even when faced with a lot of pressure, it doesn’t matter to us.”