How to play PokDeng

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How to play bounce poker

Pok Deng is one of the Thai gambling games that everyone is well known for. Nowadays these online casinos have turned to service. Pokdeng online also attached to the web. I can assure you that there must be at least 8 out of 10 people answering. The dealer will deal cards to the players. Until the end of the band 2 cards per person by giving the dealer the last person. When all 2 cards have been completed. By adding the points together if the score is 8 or 9. It is called Pok in the event that the dealer is not Pok. The dealer will pay immediately as well. But if the dealer is also poked. For example 8 points are equal or 9 points are equal cards are always considered. It did not and did not lose anything. Can wait to play a new round.

Players who do not score 8 or 9 will have a chance to ask for a 3rd card to add points to themselves. Most of the people who have to ask for the 3rd card will have a score of 0-5. While those have a score of 6 or 7 tend to stop there and come to win the dealer instead. However, there are many more rules for playing this type of card something.

  • If the points are the same, such as 2-2 3-3 4-4 or get the same flower on both cards. Such as club is called bounce equals that the dealer will pay 2 times. So it is not uncommon. If you see a person holding a 4 bounce or a 5 bounces 2 cards and refuses to ask for a 3rd card.
  • In the case of opening 3 cards and getting all 3 of the same flowers or getting 3 foreigners. It will be equal to 3 bounces or equal to the dealer having to pay 3 times.
  • If 3 cards are issued. It will pay at 5 times or depending on the agreement.
  • If the player asks for a 3rd card, the banker who only holds 2 has the opportunity to ask to show the card to measure the result of losing and winning immediately. And the dealer has the right to call the 3rd card to fight with the person holding 2 cards as well.

Even though the rules seem a bit confusing, if you try to play it yourself for 2-3 rounds, you’ll understand without much explanation. Usually in the villagers They usually place a minimum of 5 baht per pile or more and may place a maximum of 100-500 baht per pile, depending on pure heart. And with the end of the game in each round quite fast, if there are few piles, it ends very quickly. On average, one round doesn’t last more than 2-3 minutes. Playing this game for just 1 hour may give you more money in your pocket than the minimum daily wage.

Techniques for playing poker bounce a little.

Techniques to recommend to friends I would like to introduce a little technique on how to play this card game, which is to divide the pile into an odd number, either 1 pile or 3 piles. So that the negative number has a chance to win more than lose, for example, if playing a pile a waste is a waste But it is possible Single stack play is suitable for both hearty and money people. but if playing two Chance to get a pile and the loss of a pile is very high If playing three piles and losing one pile, getting two piles is still equal to getting one pile. If you interested membership with us UFABET