Gourds, crabs, fish, a popular gambling game that everyone wants to try.

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If talking about our gambling games, there will be many games. Some games have a long history. Some games are sourced from foreign countries. It was invented to entertain have fun and maybe even come with a gamble. Bet against each other to cause impulse and the money that follows. One of the many games that we will bring up to talk about is gourds crabs fish.

What is the origin of the gourd, crab, fish?

In other words gourds crabs fish originated in southern China. And it’s a bet of the Hokkien Chinese. The playing style is similar to the dice game of our house. It is expected that the page will be played in the 1950. Due to the origin of China. Began to spread into Vietnam. Enter Thailand and various countries followed in Asia The equipment used to play is Use dice to play similar to Sic Bo. In the past, stones or lumps of clay were used to carve different shapes for playing gourds crabs and fish. Depending on the appropriateness. The dice have faces in the shape of all 6 animals. Namely gourd crab fish shrimp chicken and tiger. Which these animals will determine the prize. How to play. The dealer will roll all three dice onto the plate. And use the cup tile to cover the container and shake it.

The results of the dice we can see in 3 ways. One sees the result from the animal symbol. Second look at the result of the points. Third look at the result of the color. The results of each type have the following rates.

  • Fish = 1 point (represented in red)
  • Shrimp = 2 points (represented in green)
  • Gourds = 3 points (represented in blue)
  • Tiger = 4 points (represented in blue)
  • Crab = 5 points (represented in green)
  • Chicken = 6 points (represented in red)

Algorithm of results

The method of fruiting gourds crabs fish is not difficult. Here the dealer will put all the dice on the plate. And let the players make bets to try and guess all the dice. And out exactly where the players put it or not. If the result comes out that it matches the player’s guess. Players will receive money. If the result does not match the UFABET bet.