Franc is pleased with the performance of the team in the latest match.

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Brentford’s Danish manager Tomas Franc has hailed the team’s outstanding performance, adding that their recent win over Burnley has hampered Brentford’s situation. better

After missing a series of defeats in a row. Brentford quickly plummeted into the bottom of the table and had the chance to land in the relegation area if he still couldn’t regain his good form. Coming and facing the bottom team is a good chance for Brentford to win. The UFABET game to score further distances from the bottom team. But Burnley will be hoping to win. come together for a chance to move up in the relegation survival area

But it appears Brentford has performed much better and beat Burnley 2-0, keeping Brentford 15th in the table. The same and have the opportunity to move up to the higher ranks as well if the standard of play continues to be maintained, which Tomas Franc appreciates the team that has done a great job and helps. Brentford has successfully collected three important points, with Thomas Franc said in an interview.

“Every victory in the English Premier League means a lot because winning each match is not an easy task and we have to face many situations, whether it is player injury or form. Our play was not very satisfying but the fact that we were able to get the win was great and we deserved the win in the last game.”