Franc encourages team members to be brave

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Brentford’s Danish manager Tomas Franc has urged his players to have the courage to get the results. They need in their next match against Leicester City English Premier League.

Although Brentford’s situation has not improved. After a series of defeats in a row that have dropped to 15th in the table. But Brentford’s performance has started to improve with a two wins in a row. The situation has improved markedly, with a lot of lead behind the teams in the relegation area and less competition, although the next UFABET game will face a difficult task like Les. Ter City, who were once known as the toughest team in the English Premier League.

Plus Leicester City’s performance when playing at the King’s Power Stadium is considered dangerous enough, but Tomas Franc has urged the team to have more courage in the next game that must be against Leicester City if hoping to get the results they want, with Tomas Franc saying: “The last two results have been great but Leicester City are. Did a great job as well so we need to go on the pitch with confidence.”

“Obviously, our continued winning streak means a lot to us but the next game we have to go on the pitch with more courage and aggression and we have a lot of drills to deal with. with Leicester City already so we have a chance to win back as well.”