Explain how to play dummy, complete here easily.

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 For friends who like thinking cards like planning playing long games. Today we have a dummy strategy card game to present to friends to try. For anyone who has ever played. Can review the cool technical vocabulary of the dummy card game. The trumpet again. Is there any point that can be improved or not. Unlike other card games, in order to win a game you still have to compete against other players. Because it affects the calculation of the money that will be saying that winning alone is not enough. You have to win a lot of money.

What is dummy and where is the fun?

          Dummy card game, simply called as a card game pairing or sorting originated from Spain dummy. It is considered a form of card game with strange rules than other cards that we generally play. The rules are quite collapsing. But having fun Must outsmart have a deception and require a high level of skill to play. In order to be able to win in an overwhelming amount. It is considered a card to defeat the masters that has it all. It takes longer to play each game than the others.

How to Play Dummy will have 2 – 4 players with cards dealt according to the number of players. more players The number of cards will be less. By playing to win Players must combine cards in their hand to form a set of three. Arrange from 3 or more cards by drawing method or collect cards from the middle and discard 1 card instead. Which is necessary to read the cards on the opponent’s hand. The player who completes the set of cards in their hand first and has only one card left in their hand is the winner, known as “knock”.

How to play dummy

          For the process of dealing dummy cards. There is a rule that 1 player is responsible for dealing cards to all members according to the conditions. If there are 2 players 11 cards will be dealt to each other 3 players will deal 9 cards each and 4 players are dealt 7 cards each. Most of the time, it’s popular to play with 4 people. The dealer will turn up the first card in the pot. Which is called the head card. Then start playing the dummy card game with the following steps:

  • The first player looks at the head card in the center. If it can be brought to the cards in the hand. Then pick up the community card and combine. It with the card in the hand. Then take the combined cards and place them on the table. Face your lap and discard 1 card in your hand. Come down instead of the cards that are picked up.
  • In the event that the first player Can’t bring the head card from the center golf to spawn in the hand. It will have to draw a card from the pile. 
  • To the second player Look at the cards that the first player dropped into the middle. That it can be born or not if it can be born. Then pick up that community card and combine it with the card in your hand. Then take the combined card and place it on the table. Face your lap and discard 1 card in your hand. Come down instead of the cards that are picked up
  • But if you look at the cards in the middle and still cannot be born then draw a card from the pile which. If already drawn, cannot occur again. The card must be discarded instead of the card drawn up. It can discard the cards that are drawn.
  • But if drawn can be born then put the cards that will come down. Then discard another card instead of the card drawn up.
  • Then have the third and fourth players do this until one of the four players has only one card left in their hand. Turn that card face down and will assume that player is knocked and will end the game immediately dummy

Conditions for discarding dummy cards

For discarding dummy cards, it’s not about dropping anything without looking at the ship’s eyes. Because other players can keep the cards that we discard. In order to be born or that other players can deposit cards with the suit that we have already born You can do it too Therefore, it is necessary to know the conditions for discarding the cards in order not to make stupid mistakes for other competitors. There will be details as follows:

  1. Dropping the head As a result. Other players can collect that head within that round 50 points. It will be deducted.
  2. Discard A dummy is when one player discards a card that was born by another player. Or in short, Thing Mi will be deducted 50 points.
  3. Full Discard A player discarding a card that can be combined with at least two of the community cards will be deducted 50 points.
  4. Discarding pips There is a possibility that in 3 cases, the player who discards the pips loses 50 points
    – in the first case, if there is already a spate in the pot. And then the players drop the spetto down to add
    – the second case, if there is already a spetto in the midfield Then the player discards the spetto down
    – in the third case, if there is already a sprite guard in the midfield. Then the player dropped another spetto down.The person who discards the pie will be deducted 50 points only when within that round. Other players can collect spito or both cards. It can be used to be born in a set. It will survive being deducted 50 points if after discarding cards. No other players can keep their cards until the round comes back to the discarder’s turn.
  5. Beating or stalking In the event of dropping the spear guard down to other players to be able to spawn 50 points will be lost immediately.
  6. Being deposited in speto Any player whose cards are formed or put down the deposit slip. Allowing other players to deposit their spetto cards will be deducted 50 points.

Counting dummy cards

In playing dummy, everyone must know how to count cards and must know the vocabulary of playing cards first. Because dummy card games have to calculate points after a player knocks out the game. To find out has to pay the winner at what rate. which will be detailed as follows.

  • For all cards numbered 2-9, every suit is worth 5 points, except 2 clubs.
  • All 10, J, Q and K cards are worth 10 points each, except the Q of Spade.
  • All color A cards are worth 15 points each.
  • The spate is 2 clubs and the Q spade is the most valuable 50 points.
  • The card that uses “knock” has a score of 50 points.

An important technique for playing dummy without fail is to use the spate to the benefit of which friends can find out more about the techniques of playing dummy card games. There are many written guru.

Deduction of points, dummy card game

Rules for counting the points of playing dummy card games. There is a point deduction for the player who discards the hand and wins the other person. As well as the point deduction of the remaining cards in the hand. To measure the remaining scores as well.

When any player is knocked out Card points will be counted from the remaining 3 players to determine. It has to pay the winner. How much will it cost by stipulating that whoever has more points loses less. The player with the second highest score will lose moderately. The player with the lowest score will lose the most The rules for deducting points are as follows:

  1. Players who drop both and full discard will be deducted 100 points (50 points for dropping a bag and 50 points for dropping a full).
  2. If the player discards the card that is considered both smashing and smashing will be fined 100 points.
  3. It is possible for two or three players to have their points deducted at the same time. from collecting cards in one eye

The information of playing dummy cards is a bit more complicated than playing other types of card games. The point deduction is calculated that is very different from the rules of other cards that have been played before. Because it is a game that can be defeated with the use of wit. Rather than using luck, the dummy card game has become equally popular with other types of fast-paced card games, including winning players. Able to make no less money at a time. If you interested membership with us UFABET