Conte reveals Dier is still a great defender

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Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has hailed Eric Dier as a great defender. Continues to perform well at Tottenham Spurs.

Although receiving the opportunity to enter the field continuously with Tottenham Hotspur. Also doing quite satisfactory results. But still not good enough for the England national team under the team Of Gareth Saugett. So many options available and available. Each of them performed better than Eric Dier. Obviously, whether it was a hair.

But Antonio Conte is still satisfied with the personal performance of Eric Dier. Although he personally expects the players in the UFABET team to be called up for the national team. Antonio Conte said in an interview. I would like to see the players. I play for the national team especially with Eric Dier has always worked hard. It has been named one of the best defenders in the English Premier League. And most importantly, Eric Dier can develop himself more.

Plus, personally, I’ve been in charge of the Italian national team before. So I understand Gareth Saugett’s thoughts on choosing players for the national team because every manager has a game plan already in place. Must call players who fit the playing plan to the national team. But if Eric Dier continues to perform well. This has a chance to be in the England national team to go to the World Cup final as well.