A Card form of gambling game play and enjoy

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The card is a card that is widely played, not different from the game of Baccarat. Which uses a standard deck of cards for playing. The number of people playing in each round is 2-6 people. We will explain the rules. Playing cards for friends to listen easily It is to keep our hand to a minimum. In which this game is a game that bets between the players themselves. No dealer There will only be employees who distribute 5 cards to each person. Where everyone has to discard different cards around the circle. Compare the scores whoever has the least points wins. Nowadays, card games are popular and are being imported into online casino games at UFABET. Both on the web and on mobile applications Let your friends have fun when they are lonely as well.

Let’s learn the rules of playing card games.

The easiest way to play is to make your hand the least valuable in comparison to the others. When the cards are discarded and their value is less than the other players in the round, we are the winner of that round. The rules are easy to understand, even if you’ve never played before, they understand.

  • First, the staff will begin to deal cards around the circle. As we will know that the card game does not have a dealer, it is a competition between players. in which the first round can be given to anyone first And when holding the next round, it will start to be dealt from the person who won the first round first by giving the left circle to 5 cards each.
  • In the next step, each hand totals the points of the cards. The calculation method is similar to Pokdeng, where A is equal to 1 point, 10,J,Q,K are equal to 0, and the other cards are equal to the number that appears on the face of the card. And if the total points exceed the ten digit, it will be deducted to the unit digit only.
  • final step If the total was the most in the previous round, the first person to draw a card in the pot and discard. The next person will be able to immediately discard the cards with the same points as the first. Do not draw the midfield But if there are no matching cards, then you have to draw cards as well.

Vocabulary to know before playing fun card game

The card game is a fun and easy-to-understand game that is popular among gamblers. and have the following vocabulary:

  • Kang is a word used when you are confident that you are holding the lowest card. But if it opens and there are people with the same lowest score, it will be considered a win as well.
  • Draw is to pick a card from the pile. If the community card runs out The last person will be confused immediately.
  • Flow or follow is to discard the card following the first discard and pay one flow fee. If the third and the fourth follow the first, then the flow is tripled.
  • Breaking the curve is if there is no central investment. After the first person spoke, but lost, the loser had to pay everyone in the circle. But if there is a pot of money, then the person who cares first loses Must pay every person equal to the central money The central money will be added to the next round.

How to play card

In playing cards, there are very easy steps to play as follows.

  1. Players place bets on the pool as much as they want. or depending on the rules in that table
  2. There will be one player dealt cards to other players or staff will deal 5 cards to all players each.
  3. When all 5 cards are dealt, the first player draws one card from the pot. and discard one card from the hand that has the most points To keep the cards with the lowest points to hold or keep flowing with others until they run out.
  4. In the event that we are the next player from the first, we will see what cards the first player discarded and whether we can follow. If you can follow them, leave them behind. If unable to follow, draw one community card and discard the highest card. But if the draw is equal to the points in the hand, then throw that card back down as well.
  5. The rest of the players in the circle do as the second player does. But if you think that the cards in your hand are left with enough points to be able to hold, then say “Kang”, which before speaking, let’s see first If we’re the ones with the lowest score, then we’ll win and get the money back. But if we care, then there are people who score less than us. We will have to lose bets equal to the pot for the person with the lowest score.
  6. If the community runs out of cards before someone is said to ask everyone to show their cards and see who has the lowest card, that person wins.

Special rules

The card also has special rules that will affect the loss and win in 3 cases as follows:

  1. When all 5 cards are dealt and a player in the circle receives three cards, that player is immediately considered a winner. But if more than one person gets a triple card, compare them to see who has the bigger card, that person will win.
  2. When all 5 cards are dealt, if a player gets all five cards of the same suit, they will also win.
  3. When all 5 cards are dealt and the player receives all fifty cards, it will be considered winning immediately.