What is Wasabi?

The Chinese charactersfor Wasabi, mean “Asarum caulescens” since the […]

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Kinds of Curry

It would not be an exaggeration to say that […]

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Leading Japanese Wasabi Manufacturer


Seeking a real, authentic taste that will bring health and happiness to everyone has been S&B corporate policy since the company was founded in 1923. With this aim in mind, we have been producing wasabi paste in a tube since 1972. S&B is now the top wasabi brand in the world.




  • 1923

HIGASHI-YA, the predecessor of S&B FOODS INC., was established.

  • 1949

The company name was changed to S&B FOODS INC.

  • 1970

“Prepared western mustard” in a tube was launched for the first time in the Japanese market.

  • 1972

“Prepared wasabi in a tube” was launched

  • 1993

The Oshino Research Farm was set up to begin fundamental research into wasabi and other herbs and spices.
The Miyagi factory was granted HACCP (*1) accreditation.

  • 1994

The joint corporation Dalian S&B FOODS INC. was founded with a view to manufacturing and distributing wasabi products.

  • 1998

The Research & Development of wasabi started at a wasabi farm in Vietnam with the aim of importing high-grade wasabi into Japan.

2004 S&B signed a contract with Lee Kum Kee for sales in the Japanese retail market.
S&B drew up a license agreement with FAUCHON and launched 113 items onto the Japanese market.

(*1) HACCP accreditation, which is designated by Japan”Ēs Food Hygiene Law.